India’s New Law On Homsexuality And What It Means For The Rest Of Other Asian Countries In a historic ruling, India’s supreme court has unanimously overturned a colonial-era law on homosexuality. The pronouncement means that homosexuality is no longer a crime in the South Asian country. Before the September 6 judgment, India stood alongside neighboring […]

Zelim Bakaev is a young pop star from Chechnya, Russia. On 8th of August 2017 he vanished. The young singer went to the Chechen Republic to go to his sister’s wedding. He was kidnapped from the road and has not been seen since. Zelim’s mom wanted Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya, to investigate and search […]

Lacking productivity is one of the major reasons why there are so many people who are unhappy in this world. Because of being unproductive, many people are not able to get the job that they want or meet others who they are interested with. Although being laid back is a natural part of an individual’s […]

There has been an increased level of resistance to homosexuality in the society recently. Doubtlessly it’s getting harder to deal with homophobia. Daily gay people are targeted for abuse for their sexuality by ignorant people. Most of them are young people with minimal experience in life.

Why drugs are so hella popular within the gay party scene Party drugs have always played a leading supporting role in the gay party scene. In fact, it’s the most normal thing for a lot of people out there. MDMA, cocain, GHB, Ketamine, the library of drugs seems endless. Let’s have a look why party […]

Hear the perspective from three men and three subject matter experts on some of the issues that affect the gay community around San Jose, CA.