There has been an increased level of resistance to homosexuality in the society recently. Doubtlessly it’s getting harder to deal with homophobia. Daily gay people are targeted for abuse for their sexuality by ignorant people. Most of them are young people with minimal experience in life.

Dealing with homophobia is something that we as homosexuals have got to learn. An inability to do so could lead to serious situations such as depression.

So how can men and women, boys and girls – regardless of sexuality – deal with homophobia in the society around them?

Our research suggested that homophobic behavior is more common among young teens than it is among adults. A significant number of teens between the ages of 14-17 attested to the fact that they found it very uncomfortable to be around people that are attracted to the same sex. Among these teens, most of them admitted that they had, at some point, witnessed a person being bullied by other people because of their sexuality.

Among young adults, we realized that the most common causes of actions resulting from homophobia occur within their schools, workplaces or in the glare of the public. For this reason, we have focused our thoughts on dealing with homophobia at these three levels.

While homophobia is not restricted to these places alone, they are the places that are most common for the average individual to be at regularly. Meaning that they are the most likely places for a scenario requiring a person to deal with homophobia to occur.

First of all, let’s take a look at how the society can deal with homophobia at schools.


At high school and uni, gay people will probably have the toughest job dealing with homophobia.

This is because, at this stage, their peers are very inexperienced in life and may not fully understand how human sexuality works. However, the position of the school on the issue can make a massive difference to the situation.

Although the following things are not yet common sense, always keep in mind that this would be the optimal way:

-First of all, right from the primary school levels, students should be taught that everyone is the same regardless of race, religion, gender, financial position, intelligence, sexuality or disability. If they imbibe this culture and belief from their younger years, they are less likely to grow up homophobic, and they would have no problems dealing with homophobia in the future.

– Schools can also deal with homophobia by instilling policies that explicitly ban any form of homophobic behavior within its walls. They must also make it clear that there are procedures in place to punish defaulters.

– On a more personal level, teachers in classes can also help to deal with homophobia within the school by monitoring the language used by their students. And by making sure that any sort of homophobic language or behavior is not tolerated.

If all of this is done and someone defaults, follow this procedure:
– Let the person know explicitly that they are being punished for their homophobic behavior.
– Refer to the school policy/rule that bans the language/ behavior
– State the consequences of the action.

Secret tip:

Personally, my favorite response to casual workplace homophobia is to make them explain themselves.

Feign ignorance, and politely ask them to explain what they mean. It’s a situation where they really only have two options: awkwardly decline to repeat themselves, or awkwardly explain a shitty, homophobic joke that (shocker) isn’t nearly as funny anymore now that they’ve had to explain it.

The same thing works with racist coworkers/acquaintances too!

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Dealing with homophobic behavior in public from strangers can be the most frustrating thing to face. However, you need to understand that these are people that have no say in what makes you happy as a person. If you recognize this fact, it becomes effortless to deal with homophobia from strangers in the public space.

If you’ve got a partner: Don’t get scared and try to avoid your partner if someone calls you out, and try not to lose your temper in these situations too. Remember that nobody has the right to make you feel unhappy about your sexual orientation, and act accordingly.

We firmly believe that if these tips are adhered to, dealing with homophobia in our society today – and particularly at the listed places – will become much easier. Slowly, as people become more enlightened about sexuality, the need to deal with homophobia will reduce, and everyone can be the way he is – perfect.


Many bi-sexual and homosexual people have to deal with homophobia at their workplaces too.

The behavior may come in different forms – “jokes,” signs or posters discriminating against homosexuality.

– Recognize the fact that you are not breaking any laws with your sexuality
– Confide in someone about the situation – possibly your HR department or your manager/supervisor.
– As a homosexual person, here’s what can be done to deal with homophobia in these situations:

If your homosexual friend is being harassed

– Refuse to accept the viewpoints of the homophobic people
– Be supportive to your friend through the ordeal.
– Challenge the behavior of your homophobic colleagues. Attempt to educate them and make sure that you never join in if they start to make homophobic jokes or conversation.

We also found a great strategy here on how to deal with idiotic coworkers: