We believe that cohesion within the LGTBQ community needs to be further strengthened and expanded beyond the boundaries of dating apps and annual pride parades. In fact, the community should be given an interactive opportunity to benefit from being part of the LGTBQ world.

We therefore plan to introduce a new type of reward system. Depending on each individual’s commitment and heart to help other users through our planned app, loyalty points are attributed to this helping user. He can then redeem his points for exclusive offers from our premium partners. On the other hand, the premium partners have the opportunity to offer their products to a market to which they otherwise have no access. A win-win situation.

The loyalty points can be redeemed in various sectors, including home decor, smart gadgets, travel and local events.

The introduction of this system is part of our 2019 plan. Our program is intended to benefit everyone. The LGTBQ community exists worldwide and in all social classes. Now it’s time for a system that uses artificial intelligence to bring new dimensions of global LGTBQ connectivity, helping those in need of help and rewarding those who use their social, educational or geographic benefits to help others.

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