Party Drugs in the Gay Scene 🏳‍🌈

Why drugs are so hella popular within the gay party scene

Party drugs have always played a leading supporting role in the gay party scene. In fact, it’s the most normal thing for a lot of people out there. MDMA, cocain, GHB, Ketamine, the library of drugs seems endless. Let’s have a look why party drugs are so popular within the gay scene and how to deal with them the right way.

Obviously a major reason is a major high. High in the sense of feeling light, happy, relaxed and ready to f… .

Certain substances help the body achieve a certain level of relaxation, whether that’s in preparation for anal sex (Poppers) or to increase arousal and stamina (with drugs such as MDMA & ecstasy). “Party and Play” (which is the common gay term for having sex on drugs) is generally more popular in the gay scene than with straight people.

Drugs and alcohol make you reach certain levels of sexual confidence and they can improve performance too. Some of them even have aphrodisiac qualities, meaning that using these drugs makes the user horny.

So it is understandable that quite an amount of people in the gay scene want to try it out themselves.

MDMA AND ECSTASY In the Gay Party Scene

A drug that already back in the 80ies became very popular throughout the gay scene is MDMA (also called “Molly” – powder form) and Ecstasy (also called “E” – the pill form).

Despite the fact that numerous boys ‘n’ girls take the drug, its quality has diminished essentially in the previous 2 decades. ​

Although MDMA / Ecstasy is far less destructive or addictive than many other drugs used in the gay scene (including cocain, speed (amphetamines) and GHB (“liquid ecstasy”)) it also does have it’s side effects. As for instance, after “every high there comes a low” – This doesn’t happen to everyone but a lot of people experience an emotional low the day afterwards. Also MDMA / ecstasy  can make it hard to get a hard-on. To solve this problem, some people use a mix of Viagra and Ecstasy (called “Sextacy”). But watch out: This in itself has potentially dangerous health risks.

So how does MDMA and Ecstasy feel like? It usually causes users to feel more intense and experience stronger feelings of passion, love and excitement. Some would say, the most dangerous thing that is likely to happen to you when you are high on ecstasy is hugging your friend for too long.

However, a severe overdoes killed people already. In fact, most deaths associated with ecstasy involved alcohol.

That’s why it is strongly advised not to take ecstasy with alcohol as it can mask your drunken state and you will end up being completely dehydrated.

Ecstasy also leads to dangerous, life-threatening reactions when used alongside GHB / GBL and crystal meth. You should also avoid the drug if you’re on treatment for HIV or using anti-depressants.

Possession of the drug has been termed illegal and could land an unlimited fine or up to seven years in prison. Please don’t take this drug if:

– You have a history of depression or mental illness (it can trigger any of these)
– You have high blood pressure (it raises blood pressure levels in itself)
– You have heart/kidney/liver problems
– You have ever had a stroke
– You have glaucoma

What about the other stuff?

Some other drugs common to people in the gay scene are poppers, speed, and ketamine. All of these drugs must be used with caution and prior knowledge of possible effects. Generally, situations leading to effects with most of these drugs are those involving people with health problems of some sort (HIV, stroke, heart problems most common among them).

The Combination with Viagra and other drugs

In a typical situation, you can only get Viagra and similar drugs with a doctor’s prescription. But there are workarounds. Mixing speed, cocaine, mdma, ecstasy or poppers with viagra is very popular but contains major risks.

As most of us will know, viagra (or the oral jelly version of it, called “Kamagra”) gives a harder and long-lasting erection. Its effects last for a few hours. Mild side effects include slight vision changes, a blocked nose or upset stomach. More severe risks occur only when the user has existing health problems or is mixing it with other drugs, especially Poppers.

The combo of Poppers and Viagra is extremely dangerous and causes fatalities every single weekend in the worldwide gay scene. Poppers heightens the sensation by dilating blood vessels. Combining that drug with Viagra, which also dilates blood vessels, can result in a deadly drop in blood pressure.

You should also note that buying a pill off the internet can be risky and it may be fake. Additionally, you may have a dangerous reaction to any drugs / drug combos if you:

– Are older or overweight
– Have glaucoma or diabetes
– Are using HIV drugs
– Have previously had a stroke or a heart attack
– Have problems with your blood pressure
– Getting treatment for heart problems

Should I take them?

This question should ultimately be determined by you. If you are receiving treatment of any sort, you must speak to a doctor before proceeding with any party drugs.

Yes, party drugs can be fun to use, but the fun will be short-lived if you have to live for the rest of your life with damages caused by it. Worse still, some severe situations involving specific drugs can be fatal, and sometimes the risk is just not worth it. With all the information provided here, you should be able to make a suitable decision for yourself regarding the matter, while still ensuring a fruitful everyday life

Be safe out there!

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