Home Decor, Fashion, Lifestyle, Smart Life And A Load Of #NEVERSEENBEFORE

Get ready for a bunch of amazing high-end products tailored for the sophisticated cosmopolitan.

We do not just want to bring the gay community closer together. We also want to create a market that is tailored to and supports the gay community. It should finally be possible for gays to be connected to the sheer number of cool products out there in an intelligent way.

Today, time is the key. It is long overdue that gay cosmopolitans can save the annoying searching and browsing to find the right decoration, travel offers, gifts for their companions and smart gadgets for their everyday life or their next big event.


– Which travel case can charge my smartphone and at the same time be available as a work table for my laptop?

– What do I give my guests on Sunday as a small thoughtful surprise?

– Where can I get a smartwatch that can change colors?

– How do I spice up my living room with indirect, stylish lighting?

– Is there anything like a temperature sensitive LED faucet?

– I need inspiration for my bedroom wall.

– Where can I get an intelligent full body mirror with display?

– I need a non-electric portable blender on the go.

– Where can I get retro pieces of furniture?

– I need a really fancy gift for Mother’s Day!

– Which kitchen machines are currently the best?

– Which drone should I buy?

That’s why we’ve released a GayBotty catalogue in Messenger.

This exclusive online catalogue presents a selected number of innovative products for the gay lifestyle – depending on which categories are of interest.

The featured products are continuously updated and are selected for innovation, usability, style, freak factor and gift potential.